Type HSGM-Styro-Visko-S


Tabletop unit for cutting polystyrene sheets


The following options: Vertical cuts up to a cutting height of 500mm and a cutting width of 1300mm.

The table-top unit for cutting rigid foam blocks and panels is used in the construction industry and for packaging purposes. The table frame consists of an aluminium profile frame with a table top made of aluminium sheet. The working temperature can be infinitely adjusted by means of an adjustment knob. The hot wire, which is electrically heated directly by a transformer, is heated to approx. 600° C in approx. 5-6 seconds. The heating transformer is located under the countertop.







1.) The cutting bar is pulled up and locks automatically.

2.) The operator places the material to be cut on the table and positions it in the desired position.

3.) The operator unlocks the cutting bar by pulling the release bolt.

4.) The cutting bar moves downwards at the correct speed when braked by a viscose brake.

5.) The operator removes the cut material.

With this table, the heating of the heating wire is automatically switched off in both the lowest and top positions for safety reasons.



Tabletop unit with lowered cutting bar



Tabletop unit with upturned cutting bar

Technical Data

Cutting unit: Hot wire 1,0 mm Ø stretched over aluminium profile support
Cutting height: max. 500 mm (adjustment to customer requirements possible)
Cutting width: max. 1300 mm
Cutting temperatur: max. 600° C infinitely adjustable
Mains voltage: 230 V, Mains cord 2m with European-type Schuko plug
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power input: max. 400 Watt
Dimensions: 1650 x 1000 x 1035/1565 mm
Weight: 80 kg