What is Heatcutting?

Heatcutting of synthetic fabric, ropes and belts is a special process that continues to gain importance in the manufacturing process and in the garment industry.

The traditional mechanical cutting technique, in the meantime, has reached its limits due to missing or unsatisfactory solidity of the cut edge.The standard mechanical technique almost always requires an additional finishing operation, either stitching with a sewing machine or thermo-sealing with sealing foil. These additional operations are expensive and this cost will continue to increase.

It is important in today´s production operations to combine as many processes as possible for both time and cost-saving reasons. We therefore urge you to stop cutting mechanically and to take advantage of a system, which offers heatcutting and sealing in a single cost-effective operation.

Our cutting system works under a simple, yet highly established principle. The blade - which is directly heated by a transformer - heats up in 6-8 seconds to approx. 600°C. All thermoplastic fabric which comes into contact with this tip, will melt. In a webbing the individual weft and warp threads tend to flow into one another if they are close enough together, and by this form a consistant, sealed edge.