ENGEL Soldering Gun Type B50 Set

Technical Description

- Off the line, rechargeable Ni-MH-Batteries

- Heats up in 9 secs.

- *) Up to 350 consecutive soldering operations

- Up to 100 soldering joints if tip is allowed to cool off and reheated for every 2 soldering joints

- Light fittings (1 or 2 lights attachable by choice)

- Fully rechargeable at night in approx. 8 hrs or during breaks

- Built-in charging control, overcharging impossible

- Safety knob to prevent accidental operation

- Operational indicator

- Tip temperature approx. 350°C

- No disturbance to external voltage while soldering

- Weight: 160g (with carton packaging 510g, with tool case 890g)







*) This figure has been obtained 0,5mm Ø dia.
wire of electronic components without recharging the batteries.
The lighting reduces the soldering efficiency by approx. 7%
per blub. Total on-transition time per battery load is approx.
13 minutes.


Basic Kit

-1 ENGEL Soldering Gun       Type B 50 A

- 1 Tip                                Type B 50 D

- 1 Tip                                Type B 50 H

- 1 Tip                                Type B 50 G

- 1 Coil solder approx. 4g       

- 1 Tip cover                        Type B 50 T

- 2 Lights                             Type B 50 E

- 1 Cleaning pad                  Type B 50 R

- 1 Charging unit                  Type B 50 L

- 1 Screw driver

- 1 operating instructions

- 1 Carton packaging (also available in a plastic case)


Spare Tips and Parts

Soldering Tip Type B50H

Soldering area up to 1,5 mm²


Soldering Tip Type B50D

Soldering area up to 2,5 mm²



Soldering Tip Type B50G

Soldering area up to 6 mm²



Lights Type B50E


Light Fitting Type B50M


Tip Cover Type B50T



Cleaning Pad Type B50R




Charging Unit Model B50L

Voltage: AC 110V-60Hz or AC 230V-50Hz
Dimension: 87x60x50 mm



ENGEL Soldering Gun B50A


Rechargeable Soldering Gun