Type HSG-G2S-50/80/100-E


With our thermal cutting system it is possible to cut synthetic fabric, such as belts, bands and ropes to length. An electric heated blade separates, in one phase of operation, the material by heat and seals the cut edges to avoid fringing of the cut edge.

For heat cutting we will use our proven cutting system with two blades towards each other without base.

Full automatic function:

- Material pull of from a roll or out of a barrel.

- Length measuring.

- Piece counter.

- Cutting.

- Material turn off. 





Technical Description

Control: Control-Panel (Siemens KTP400)
Conveying speed: 0 - 50 m/min. infinitely adjustable
Movement of blade(s): Pneumatic
Belt width: 50 - 80 - 100 mm (depending of type)
Belt thickness: 5mm max.
Rope diameter: 10mm max.
Length measure: 20mm - 1000m, adjustable by the mm, indicated digital.
Piece counter: Total number can be programmed, machine stops operation when set number has been cut. Separate indication of pieces to cut in total and already cut pieces during operation, indicated digital.
Operation: Fully automatic, machine stops at end of fabric flow or malfunction.
Cutting element: Electric direct heated blade. Heating time approx. 90 sec. to 600°C.
Control: Programmable controller (PLC/SPS).
Temperature: 100 - 600°C. infinitely variable.
Voltage: 230 Volt - 50/60Hz
Power input: 800 VA
Air pressure: 6 bar
Dimension: 700mm x 640mm x 615 mm (W x H x D) depending on type.
Weight: approx. 80 kg; depending on type.


- Cold cutting with scissors system.

- Uncoiling if required.