Type HSGM-Styro-Cut SFS


Powerful, stable and easy to use professional device type STYRO-CUT SFS for individual and series production, for modeling, cutting and cutting polystyrene sheets and blocks. The cutting wire temperature of the device is infinitely adjustable via control knob, maximum cutting wire length 150 cm. The housing is made of sheet steel, plastic-coated with a sturdy carrying handle.

Technical Data

- Ready to cut in just a few seconds  

- Wire thicknesses: 0.8....1.6 mm

- Mains voltage: 230V - 50Hz

- Input power: max. 900 VA

- Infinitely adjustable working temperature by means of electronic
  Power Controllers

- Continuous operation: 100% ED

- Power cable 2m long, with safety plug

- 3.5m flexible cable between housing and handpiece (optional) or Cutting bar (optional)

- No cutting dust nuisance and no static charge

- A pair of high-current sockets allows the operation of an accessory of the
  light series (handpiece) or part of reinforced accessories (cutting bar)

- Weight: 12.0 kg (without accessories)







Basic equipment


- Operating instructions with Declaration of Conformity

Art.-No. 2700130160

Optional Accesories

Handpiece SFS for cutting wires up to Ø 1,6 mm   

Art.-No. 2700130162


Cutting wire    

0,8 mm     Art.-No. 2200000190
1,0 mm     Art.-No. 2200000199
1,6 mm     Art.-No. 2200000186



Cutting bar for cutting wire Ø 1,0 mm (0,8 mm)

60 x 40 cm:      Art.-No. 2700130164
90 x100 cm:     Art.-No. 2700130165
100 x90 cm:     Art.-No. 2700130166
120 x80 cm:     Art.-No. 2700130167
150 x75 cm:     Art.-No. 2700130180


Special designs are possible at any time according to your own specifications.