The smallest blade-stand has a straight blade, suction, protection cap, quick change system for the blade, plug in electric connection and separate heat transformer.

While the blade is moved manually with the smaller tools, it is done at the blade-stand by means of a pneumatic cylinder.

The fabric is placed under the blade or combined tool and the cutting operation is released through hand or foot actuation. Then the fabric is pulled on forward to the desired length-measure to be controlled with tape measure or adjustable limit Stop. With the following cut the first section is trimmed on both ends while the first edge of the next section is trimmed. This means, with each cycle, one section is completely trimmed.

Technical Description

Movement of the blade(s):| |Pneumatic.

Belt width:| |max. 50 mm

Belt thicknesses:| |Max. 4mm

Rope diameter:| |Max. 12mm Ø

Cutting element:| |Electric direct heated blade. Heating time in approx. 1 minute to 600°C.

Temperature:| |100 - 600°C, infinitely variable.

Voltage:| |230 Volt - 50/60Hz (110Volt -60Hz)

Power input:| |800 VA

Air pressure:| |6 bar

Dimensions:| |approx. 120 x 300 x 240 mm (b x h x t)

Weight:| |approx. 12 kg, with heating transformer.