ENGEL Soldering Guns

The internationally approved and popular ENGEL soldering guns are high quality products which have been constructed with many years' experience. ENGEL soldering units meet both the high standard requirements of trade and industry as well as those of the amateurs and hobby electronics where there are required soft solder operations from time to time. Due to the quick preheating time - direct heating of the soldering tip - and quick cooling-off of the soldering tip, our soldering pistols are especially suitable for single joints as they are effected every day in the service business.

The ENGEL soldering units have an energy saving function as the soldering tip is only heated as long as the operation switch is pressed down. This method also allows a certain temperature regulation. The operating switch cannot be locked while the unit is switched on. The units are equipped with a safety transformer which guarantees a high electric security. Further they are equipped with a built-in or attachable lighting to illuminate the soldering spot free of shade. All soldering tips can be exchanged easily. Our soldering units and the various shaped tips are suitable for multiple laboratory work, repair, assembling and hobby craft operations, f. i. such as at printed circuits or even at cross sections up to 12 mm².