Technical Descirption

- Supply voltage: 230V – 50Hz (115V -60Hz)

- Power input: 140W

- Continuous operation

- Rocker switch with indicator lamp

- Class I protection

- Supply cord 2m, with European-type plug (US-type plug).

- Dimension: 155x235x130 (200) mm

- Weight: 4,8 kg (10.5lbs)









A unit such as the HSG-00, however, with a blade of 88 mm = 60 mm working area and an adjustable working temperature.

Basic Kit

- HSG-00-VW with blade band 2 = 88 mm (= 60 mm working area)

- Operating instructions with declaration of conformity

Spare parts list HSG-00-VW


Sample Application

Cutting of ropes and belts


Optional: Blade type HS-S-15°-60°-00-VW

Innovation! Optional (*)  available!

Blade type HS-S-15°-60°-00-VW

(Application for utility models official application number DE 20 2015 103 719 U1)

For quick and clean cutting and sealing of ropes up to 20 mm diameter.



Picture shows device HSG-00-VW with built-in blade HS-S-15°-60°-00-VW.

(*): Only for devices produced up from 08.2015. Former devices can be retrofitted on request.

Optional: HSG-00-VW with ruler / stop

HSG-00-VW with ruler / stop


For cutting of braided sleeves, thin belts, bands and cords

- Base plate from Aluminium

- Ruler spring mounted to be pushed downwards for cutting

- Adjustable stop from 50 mm up to 1000 mm


Pict.1: Ruler up in base position when material is pulled



Pict.2: Ruler down in cutting position