Type HSGM-ETC-250


The table model for vertical cutting of styrofoam material is used in the building and packing industry. The complete zinc plated working table is a steel frame with a sheet steel table top.The cutting temperature is continuously adjustableby means of an adjusting knob. A transformerheats the hot wire in 10-15 secs. to approx. 600°C.The power transformer is located under the operating plate.The supports (clamps which hold the hot wire) aredisconnected safely from the mains by meansof a safety transformer, according to the VDE 0570 rules.   






Technical Description

Cutting Element: Hot wire 0.8 mm Ø clamped through shackles
Cutting height: max. 500 mm
Cutting Temperature: 600° C adjustable
Measure: 880 x 1460 x 800 mm
Working Level: 880 mm
Voltage: 230 VAC (110 VAC)
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power Input: max. 180 Watt
Weight: 40 kg