Type HSG-C


The thermcutting machine HSG-C is specially used to cut pp-small-band-fabrics for silo-bags (container bags). The heat cut edges do not fray or tear. Endless woven fabric can be opened without problems.

The individual stations are connected in a modular system. This allows further components to be added or integrated (a printing machine for example).


Technical Description

Fabric width: up to 2,2m - further widths on special request
Draw-off speed: 60 m/min
Piece output: L= 1,0 m-600 pcs./h.
L =4,0 m- 360 pcs./h.
L= 7,0 m-300 pcs./h.
Filling holes: round, oval, straight or cross.slot
Control system: storage programmable (SPS)
Temperature: 100 - 700°C, infinitely variable.
Length measure: from 0-100 m; setting by millimeter, digital display
Piece counter: with preselector, digital display.
Edge control: photoelectronic cell, sliding range +/- 100 mm
Voltage: 380 Volt
Power input: approx. 180 VA per each 10 cm blade section at 600°C.
Compressed air: 6 bar