Type HSG-G / HSG-G2S / HSG-S


With our thermal cutting system it is possible to cut synthetic fabric, such as belts, bands and ropes to length. To make holes in belting fabric can also be provided on special request.

An electric heated blade separates, in one phase of operation,  the material by heat and seals the cut edges to avoid fringing of the cut edge.

For this functions we fabricate:

- Hand- and table-units with blade for manual use,

  (see leaflet HEAT CUTTERS).

- Blade-stands semiautomatic

- Machines automatic

Our devices and machines are constructed in a mechanical assembly technique (MAT) and by this can be combined in many ways to meet our customers'individual needs.

Function  automatic:

- Material pull of from a roll or out of a barrel. 

- Length measure.

- Piece counter.

- Cutting.

- Material turn off.

Depending on type of fabric and ropes, belts or band, 3 different blade arrangement can be provided:

- Cutting (perforating) on a cutting base (belts); HSG-G

- Two blades towards each other without base (belts, bands,
  cords and ropes ); HSG-G2S.

- Cutting in a ´bed´and pressing (ropes); HSG-S.







Technical Description

Control: Control-Panel (OP)
Conveying speed: 0 - 50 m/min. infinitely adjustable
Movement of blade(s): Pneumatic
Belt width: 50 - 100 - 150 - 250 mm (depending of type)
Belt thickness: 5mm max.
Rope diameter: 20mm max.
Length measure: 1mm - 1000m, adjustable by the mm
Indicator: Digital.
Piece counter: Total number can be programmed, machine stops operation when set number has been cut. Separate indication of pieces to cut in total and already cut pieces during operation.
Operation: Fully automatic, machine stops at end of fabric flow or malfunction.
Cutting element: Electric direct heated blade.
Control: Programmable controller (PC/SPS).
Heating time: In approx. 30 secs. to 600°C.
Temperature: 100 - 600°C. infinitely variable.
Voltage: 230 Volt - 50/60Hz (110Volt-60Hz)
Power input: 800 VA
Air pressure: 6 bar
Dimension: approx. 1300 x 1250 x 460mm (w x h x d) depending on type.
Weight: approx. 80 kg; depending on type.


cuts can be assembled in a kind of combined tools

- Shaped cuts.

- Perforation cuts .

- Multiple cuts are possible below definite premise.

- With pre-feed system for elastic material.

- Console for the machine – height can be selected.

- Pressing device.

- Swivel device for alternative rectangular/diagonal cut with adjustable cutting-angle.

- Marking device.

- Printing device.

- Coiling if required.

- Uncoiling if required.

- Pressing device.


Printing device: