Type ENGEL-Cutter


A robust universal tool for the handyman and the professionals.

For board thicknesses up to 100mm (4") and for specialty cuts.

Technical Description

- Heats up in only 10 seconds

- Supply Voltage: 230V- 50Hz ( 110V-60Hz)

- Power input: 100 Watts

- Intermittent operation: 1/4 min..

- Protective insulation

- 3m electric cord with 2-pin straight plug

- Easily interchangeable long-life blade.

- blade temperature 500°C (930°F) max..

- Eliminates styrofoam dust.

- Weigth: 1025 g (with blade)






Basic Kit

- 1 ENGEL-Cutter

- 1 blade C-70, for 70 mm boards

- 1 suspension hook

- 1 operating instructions

- 1 Carton package (also available in a plastic case)



Spare parts list

Practicable blades

Typ C-70

for boards up to 70 mm (2.8'') 


Typ C-100

for boards up to 100 mm (4'')  


Typ CN-14

curved, for 14 mm grooves 


Typ CN-20

curved, for 20 mm grooves  


Typ CN-26

curved, for 26 mm grooves  


Typ CR-20

curved, for 20 mm grooves, with depth-guide  


Typ CS-20

square-type, for 20 mm grooves, with depth-guide   


Typ CV-20

V-type, for 20 mm grooves, with depth-guide