Technical Description

- Heats up in only 6-8 seconds

- Working temperature 600°C (1110°F) max.

- Supply voltage:  230 - 50Hz (110V - 60Hz)

- Power input: 700 Watt max

- Continuous operation

- Illuminated rocker switch

- Supply cord 2 m, with European-type plug (US-type plug).

- Class I protection

- Dimension: 400 x 300 x 200 mm

- Weight:      35,0 kg (76.7lbs) 







Unit for continuous cutting operation of heavy ropes and suitable to remove waste (threads) from formers.  Two types of blades are available, either straight (7-G) or curved (7-R).  Provided with a high-quality power electronic the unit has a stand-by temperature with infinitely variable working temperature and therefore allows quicker operation.


Basic Kit

- HSG-7-VW incl. blade holder type 7 with operating-lever

- 3 m cord connects blade holder type 7 with unit (max. 5 m cable also available).

- Operating instructions with EC Declaration of Conformity

Spare parts list HSG-7-VW

Practicable blades

Type 7-G




Type 7-R





There are various cutting blades available suitable for different materials and applications. This website unfortunately can only give brief information. Therefore - contact us and let us know what kind of problems you are dealing with. We will do our best to find the optimal solution for you. We also do trial cuttings with your fabric without any obligation on your part.