- Heats up in only 6-8 seconds

- Working temperature 600°C (1110°F) max.

- Supply voltage: 230 V-50 Hz (115 V-60 Hz)

- Power input: 900 W max.

- Continuous operation

- Rocker switch with indicator lamp

- Supply cord 2 m

- Class I protection

- Dimensions: 400x300x200 mm 

- Weight: 28 kg (61.7lbs)





With the edge sealing devices series HSG-KSM-1 und HSG-KSM-2 serve to seal the borders of woven felts and heavier material on stretcher machines and calenders. The heating fork is mounted to a handle. The handle with the fork is held to the fabric edge seal. The temperature is infinitely variable.

Basic Kit

- Edge Sealing Device HSG-KSM-1, 230 V (115 V), 900 W max.

- 3 m flexible cord connects handgrip MS-1 with unit

- incl. 1 Heating Fork KS-1, construction and dimension as desired (see datasheet)

- Manual