TYPE HSG-3-Therm

Technical Description

- Heats up in only 6-8 seconds

- Working temperature 600°C (1110°F) max.

- Supply voltage:  230 - 50Hz (110V - 60Hz)

- Power input: 500 Watt max.

- Continuous operation

- Illuminated rocker switch

- Supply cord 2 m, with European-type plug (US-type plug).

- Class I protection

- Dimension: 300 x 185 x 170 mm

- Weight:      11,7 kg (25.7lbs) 








Unit suitable for continuous cutting and edge sealing of very fine and delicate fabric.

Provided with a high-quality power electronic the unit has a stand-by temperature with infinitely variable working temperature and therefore allows quicker operation.

The selected working temperature is maintained constantly through a temperature control system.
A flexible 2 m cord (max. 5 m available) connects blade holder M-Therm with unit.

Basic Kit

- HSG-3-Therm incl. blade holder M-Therm

- Blade R-Therm

- 2 m cord connects blade holder M-Therm with unit (max. 5 m cable also available).

- Operating instructions with EC Declaration of Conformity

Spare parts list HSG-3-Therm

Spare parts list blade holder M-Therm

Practicable blades

Type V-Therm



Type R-Therm